14 Sep 2011

A Toad Of A Rondeau

For love grows cold when passion dies
and damps the fire in those eyes
which once had managed to beguile
in such an overwhelming style,
albeit overlaid with lies.

Perhaps it would have been more wise,
to forego wistful lover's sighs?
They last for such a little while,
for love grows cold.

And lovers who think otherwise,
as foolish thoughts start to arise,
may carry on full many a mile
to hide their doubts behind a smile.
But you and I learned how love flies,
for love grows cold.

With thanks to Paul Laurence Dunbar for 99% of the rhyme scheme, and to Grace at Imaginary Garden for getting my brain in gear this morning!


  1. Jinksy- A sad reflection written beautifully... I love the chorus!

  2. That last stanza is a killer. The tone throughout the poem is so wise and persuasive... this is someone who knows the truth and is not afraid to put it out there. Wonderful example of rondeau.

  3. Beautifully written. Great flow. And! how true!

  4. Sounds to close to the story of Ada and I for comfort! :)

  5. Sorry - TOO close, of course I meant to type..

  6. This is lovely - it should be set to music.

  7. I can see you reading this aloud from a book as you wander in a flower-strewn clifftop garden on a summer's morning.