12 Sep 2011


by jinksy
I could not easily express the thoughts
which wrapped my soul in saddest cloth of blue,
coloured every day with emptiness
in those spaces in between each breath.
Through chinks in time I glimpsed companionship
the like of which I never thought to know.
What a paradox. The closer that I came
to you, the further you withdrew, and I,
I was left more alone than ever...

Last weekend, D'verse  - Poets Pub** highlighted the subject of sorrow and loss of all kinds. I think this poem might have been a contender, but I missed the Linky List by 25 minutes.  In the meantime, I  am linking to Poets United who have a better time scale, and Theme Thursday who have communication as a subject which I need to practise...
And as Blogland Time seems to be in a different dimension, here's a link to Monday's Imaginary Garden on Tuesday...
** So I've linked to Open Link Night, instead!


  1. Beautiful and tender!! Love the print too! They work so well together!

  2. Oh these are special...both words and that beautiful, haunting picture.

    Your words....
    "I could not easily express the thoughts
    which wrapped my soul in saddest cloth of blue"

    Twinned with that picture, (that says all that the words imply) are a powerful and potent mix, speaking to the right brain rather than the left.

    A perfect post for a Pisces full moon, I absolutely loved it. xxx

  3. Hi jinksy, very intense and it goes with the artwork so well. Take care!

  4. The saddest kind of emptiness, caused from love unreturned. Beautiful!

  5. Beautifully expressed poem and especially liked the way you handled the prompt 'communication' a bit differently, in both the instances here!!

  6. My first thought, when seeing the image, was that you were doing a tribute for 9/11. The image certainly fits that reality. I don't mind that I got it wrong, but I certainly got the 'gist' of it. Thank you,


  7. Loss is something very difficult to put into words, but you have captured that emotion all too well in this piece.

    The open link on Real Toads, though posted on Monday, is open all week, Jinksy. We are all in different time zones, and you are welcome to share with us any time of the week.

  8. Very moving and this line is lovely:

    " wrapped my soul in saddest cloth of blue "

  9. This was lovely Jinksy ~ stunning line 'wrapped my soul in saddest cloth of blue' ~ heartfelt ~ hardest to place into words ~ so glad you made it ~ ty for sharing this ~ Lib

  10. sorry you missed the 33 hours that it was open but glad you turned it around for openlinknight...its the same time everyweek though so feel free to stop in any time jinksy...

    a tender write..to find the one only to have them drift further away...

  11. beautiful....I love this "in those spaces in between each breath."

  12. I always thought it was just me who had relationships like this one..... I hate that when you start getting comfortable with someone and they start drifting away..... or get restraining orders.... :) ...just joking....

  13. Thank you for sharing this...intense, Thoughtful words.

    ☮ Siggi in Downeast Maine

  14. It may be of loss, but this is a wonderful write! Combined with the image, which so perfectly captures the essence of the words...well done, friend! I'm so hoping to visit In Tandem this week...but my time seems to be slipping away!

  15. wow wrapped your soul in a cloud of blue that is a powerful feeling and so well expressed