13 Nov 2010

Poetry Bus for 15th November

A Tramp's Tale

When I chose to leave my home
and start out on life's road alone,
I knew I'd need some eating tools -
I was not a child of fools!
I had a knife, a dented spoon,
but I could tell that very soon
I'd seriously need a fork
to stab the lamb or beef or pork
bangers in my frying pan -
or juicy peaches from a can.
With worldly goods upon my back
I sauntered on by lonely track,
up rolling hills and grassy down,
until I reached a country town
full of shops and rushing people.
In a church with crumbling steeple
I stopped and said a little prayer.
and took a rest while I was there.
'Dear Lord, a fork is all I need...
I wonder if You're paying heed?'

Then came a voice inside my head;
these were the very words it said:-

'When you come to  a fork in the road, take it!'

Thanks go  to this week's Bus Driver, Karen at Keeping Secrets


  1. Hee hee! really nice rhythm an fun ! Thanks.

  2. Can one wear out the word "delightful?" I need to consult my thesaurus. This poem, and the tale of Mrs. Rat and Mrs. Churchmouse are wonderful!

  3. My ticket - not up yet - also plays on the word fork. But it won't be as good as this...

  4. I'm laughing aloud at this! It has the perfect cadence of a child's tale with such a great punchline! You totally had me!

  5. If my wife Ada throws me out one day, I might find this information very useful! :)

  6. Ba-Dum-Tish! Wiley, guiley, lovely :)