13 Nov 2010

Monday's Child #20

With bag and tail draped over wrist
and boa made of feathers,
Lady Rat would sally forth
in every kind of weather.

She always wore a fancy hat,
the times she came to call
on humble Mrs Churchmouse,
who was quiet, shy and small.

Together they would chat and laugh,
tell tales of hanky-panky,
but Lady Rat laughed till she cried
and needed a big hanky!

It's taken me for ever to get round to writing this Monday's Child  post! Better late than never?!


  1. ...and well worth waiting for, I loved it!! :o)

  2. you always delight me with your tales Jinksy...I hope you are gathering all your childrens verses into a nice file or book so children can enjoy them as much as we do here in blogland....blessings...bkm

  3. No less hilarious than the picture . . .

  4. Whatever day you like can be Monday in blogland!

  5. Never a truer tale, opposites very often attract, this reminds me of more than a few! As ever, you never disappoint - just lovely, my friend!

  6. I really enjoyed reading. Keep posting! You're marvelous.

  7. Nice friendship this, between Lady Rat and Mrs. Churchmouse :)