11 Nov 2010

Magpie Tales # 40

 In Absentia

The spaces in my day
leave holes in the sky
where tears fall through.
Your thoughts are absent,
and build a fence too high
for me to see beyond.
I grieve for a lost time,
for I do not understand
where it has gone,
nor yet why, but its pearls
remain strung about me.

Thanks to Willow for this Magpie Tales picture prompt.


  1. This is beautiful. What a creative way to respond to the prompt.

    (When I clicked on your site, I was informed your blog does not exist! There's a glitch in the linky. I had a little trouble too. Finally I linked giving only http://... - rather than http://www...)

  2. Penny, this is really a lovely Magpie! Strong and sad too.

  3. I love this, Jinsky. How sad and moving!

  4. Jinksy . . I think perhaps you need to link to the actual POST rather than the whole blog. 1. Create a blog archive. This lists the individual posts. 2. Select the post you want to link on Linky FROM THE ARCHIVE, so that the title of the POST appears in the URl window. 3. Copy the POST title from the URL window and paste it into LINKY.

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    I like the poem very much. Rather sad, but well put together.

  5. What a sad but lovely poem,

    'The spaces in my day
    leave holes in the sky
    where tears fall through'

    that says it all about our lost loves.

  6. This is very touching..you did it so well!

  7. This is wonderful! Time...where does it go?

  8. This is quite lovely and very fitting for the day. How many bereaved women must have felt this way and for ever on each anniversary.

  9. This does feel rather sad. Your words touch me. I look in the mirror and wish I could drink hair color so I wouldn't have to constantly deal with my roots.

  10. This is very moving; I keep going back to it.

  11. That is a comment I can be proud of, Nimaruichi - thank you!

  12. Beautiful and poignant. I love this, Penny.

  13. I love this one. Such a wonderful and creative take on the prompt.

  14. Jinksy,
    A beautiful poem filled with lots of emotion.

    Thank you for visiting my blog via Poets United.
    I have now located you and have added your blog, to my blog list to follow!
    Hope to meet again,
    Best wishes, Eileen

  15. Beautiful poetry. "I grieve for a lost time" has a special meaning to me. Thanks for sharing..

  16. I think many of us grieve for a lost time or a time that was.

    Beautifully written.