22 Nov 2010

Monday's Child # 22

By Marjorie Torrey 1945
Thanks for this week's photo prompt go to 
B K M  at Monday's Child.

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

The palace issued a Royal Decree
to Draco the dragon. "Come to tea!
Make sure you're here by half past three.

The Queen would like to shake your hand."
"Now, you behave, you understand?
came the advice from his old Gran.

"Show her that you have good manners,
no 'Um's" or "Er's" or mumbled stammers -
and don't set fire to her banners!"

Princess Pearl was not a-frighted,
said that Draco should be knighted
and Queen replied "I'd be delighted.

Arise Sir Draco Goldengreen -
by Royal Appointment to the Queen!"


  1. Brillant - love the do not set fire to her banners...that was original....would never have thought of that one....Happy Thanksgiving Jinksy.....blessings...bkm

  2. Draco comes alive here; loved it :)

  3. your children's entry is always entertaining and insightful... keep it up.

  4. Good manners taketh one a long way.

  5. Oh, Jinks!!! This is PERFECT!!! Perhaps, you should write a book of children's poetry...and with your artistic talent, you could illustrate it as well!! You've been in my thoughts and so I thought I'd just stop by to give you my love, Janine XO