6 Sept 2015

The Pact

Among the clouds an angel flies
in swift retreat from stormy skies.
The heaven’s sun-gold glow of light
spreads its path; to our delight
this promises that, after rain,
its beams will bless the land again.
So it has been since time began,
this pact between both god and man 
and natural law’s perfected plan.

With thanks to the prompt this week from Tess at MagpieTales.  I took a tiny snippet from the photo, then kept this down to a mere 55 words, in memory of G-Man.


  1. An angel. Yes - Well spotted! And well written. This is a lovely poem.

  2. I often think of Galen .. he influenced my life more than he could ever have known.

  3. Sharp, finely tuned in both meter and rhyme. Well done.

  4. The poem is outstanding... only thing I felt personally is that u cud have kept the whole picture instead of a snapshot..

  5. Stunning job! We're dying to see rain here in CA!

  6. You said Angel and I had to take a second look at the picture

  7. A descent and recovery mission or is heaven all around us if we but choose it ?

  8. I really like this.

    We had some rain today and the temperatures have dropped. It is wonderful.

  9. Really lovely thought. A pact between man and God. Father and sons.

  10. Oh my. I smiled a lot. This was simply delightful!