23 Dec 2013


Words in a tangle
dangle ideas before me.
See them dance?
Askance, I follow their lead,
need to catch them,
stem the flow -
Go slow!
Show  me a kaleidoscope
hope of understanding
landing on new ground…
Sounds of words spill
till my ears’
fears of them being mocked
shocks me again into silence…

This has been waiting around for an ending some time  - I think the latest edit works. What do you think? I'll link to IGWRT's for an answer or two! LOL. And by a mere fluke, it has 55 words, which will come in handy for G-Man on Friday...


  1. You capture nicely here the interface between expression and writer's block -- a dizzy dazzling place if we could only make sense of it in a way that others would applaud. A double-bind, for sure ... glad you're getting dual purpose out of the effort. Happy holidays!

  2. It's great! The last edit is perfect. There is now a finality. And wonderful 55 too! Nicely Jinsky!


  3. I really like the way you worked the envelope rhymes (if that is the correct term).

  4. Inspiring. Makes me want to write. I've been fighting a funk for a while now...

  5. I love when ideas float around and stick around until we have to stop ignoring them and deal with it! Loved the ending, Jinksy!

  6. Love it. I have been in a spiral of writer's block. This so voices the struggle with pen and poem.

  7. Merry Christmas sweet Jinksy :-) Your snowflakes are gracing our tree again :-D

    Big fat X and a hug,

  8. I like this rhyme scheme. But don't be shocked into silence ~

  9. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas greeting .... Happy New Year, Penny!

  10. Interesting rhyme scheme. Can you somehow complete the envelope by beginning your first line with the word "Silence"

    1. Blimey, Doc, you're a hard task master! But I guess I could comply by adding "Silence is absurd" for a first line, and make the 55 word count into 58, which destroys its dual purpose...