12 May 2013


Kim, with Real Toad's mini Sunday prompt shot me back to my earliest days, and thanks to an eBay photo, I've even been able to show you the kind of thing that caught my attention, in my Aunty's bedroom way back when...

A flower decked flask prompted me
to ask " Auntie Glad, what's in there?"
and she placed it in my hands, saying
 " Pull out the stopper, and see.
But take care!" 

Around it, bands of green and brown
topped painted flowers and leaves,
and I opened it and breathed in the scent
of Devon Violets for the first time.
I wished it had been mine!  But from that day,
the perfume and colour found its way into my soul.


  1. What a lovely memory of those scents Jinksy ~

    Thanks for sharing them ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  2. I adored the scent of violet water and perfume when I was a child. It is now rather difficult to locate, at least here in the American Southwest. You've inspired me to look harder. It would be a wonderful linen spray scent.

    1. Yardley's in UK have the fragrance in their product range, but perhaps that is unobtainable in America. Amazon UK certainly lists all kinds of oils, candles etc - even sweets! I couldn't resist buying some of those tiny Parma Violet delights when I found them...

  3. Once in Devon, I bought a small vial of Violet perfume.. memories..

  4. Sweet violets ..... this is lovely!

  5. Oh, the scent of violet, so pretty :)

  6. What a beautiful scentual memory, Jinksy, and hoorah for eBay!
    Luv, K