19 Apr 2012

'Dung' Bust It?

My long time Blogpal and verbal fencing partner, Doctor FTSE, has seen fit to write 55 words about **the pros and cons of horses as house pets ! Yes folks!  But remember, his blog name  'Stop!...This is getting very SILLY' does give you fair warning... And Jinksy, or even Jinksie, can rise to that Footsie humorous challenge, like so...
Thanks to indecipherable photographer!

In the question of horses for courses
dear Doc Footsie has plenty to learn.
His idea for changing a light bulb
is one I would certainly spurn.
I ask you, a horse in the house? Man!
Imagine the mess that might cause?
For dirty great dollops of horse dung
are most certainly best left outdoors.

And thanks to G-Man for whom I have penned a Friday ditty in 55 words.

** Click on these words to read all about it.

Late Night Extra : Or now, click on these, to see how Caddoc Trellis has horned in on the act!


  1. What fun!! Loved it

  2. My dogs make enough of a mess! A horse? No way!

  3. JInksy, your first line gave me the perfect title for my own post HERE Does that make me a horse thief? Ha Ha!

  4. Hehehe - You guys (in American slag that's used for males and females) are like watching a virtual, verbal tennis match!

    1. And every match ends in 'Deuce' - as per 'What the deuce is going on here?!'

    2. I'm just glad you didn't liken us to Ping-Pong, Other Mary. That would have been SO downmarket...

  5. Horses are not house trained, and hooves do scratch up the cork tiles. But, dwarf horses are useless as goldfish and at a pinch, can be eaten. N'est ce pas?
    Haven't visited for a few weeks, no time, so have enjoyed reading all down to here. Will now go back and re-read your Magpie.