30 Jun 2013

Pictures Not Words

No words have come to me yet for Mag 175, where Tess posted an image by Musin Yohan.
Something may occur to me later in the week, in which case I shall add it here. ** (see below!)
In the meantime, I give you the progression of thought pictures which lead to the totally abstract, final offering, where everything has turned upside down, as that way, the colours suggested to me a lightening of the spirit as an escape from the menial tasks of working in the fields.

** I'd hardly clicked on the 'publish' button, when my mind took over from my fingers, and there was this shadorma, waiting to appear. Possibly the act of  not thinking, allowed the new thoughts in!

Spirits lift
towards the heavens
and burdens
grow lighter
as the mind refocuses
in meditation.


  1. Oh yes burdens do lighten as we raise our thoughts and feelings toward heaven! great job thanks.

  2. What fun!! I went a completely opposite direction! Ha

  3. Cor! Heaven forbid......what a final picture that is! That'd be fun to stare at after a heavy night out!!

  4. Amazing transformation from the original! I guess you just needed the time thinking on other aspects for you brain to connect with the written response ... very nice, indeed!

  5. I saw her spirit as dreaming of escape, too. The colour progression is gorgeous. I especially like the second one ...caught in the moment of release!

  6. These pictures remind me a bit of those geo stones. Very cool!

  7. meditation...ah! t o be lost in another world

  8. I like your poem, Jinks. It is a story of hope, hope for those who toil for very little.
    To me from the original it seemed she might have been a gleaner as there doesn't seem much crop left up for grabs:
    I've little
    to gain in my life
    come my way
    family to feed always
    nourishes my soul

  9. This is the perfect accompaniment to the central image, Jinksy.

  10. Bright images and "spirits lift" made this an uplifting post!

  11. Only with myopic eyes can we see the real truth,,,

  12. Cool.....lines are perfect.....

  13. a fitting mantra, as it were ~