16 Nov 2012

Three Riddles

A bit of fun for Friday - I wonder who will be the first to email me with three correct answers? Please  email me direct, if you think you know what they are, then it won't stop later visitors from having to use their grey cells too!

Number 1

The metal blade is sharp and thin
its point is ready to plunge in-
but not to flesh, simply to paper
an ideal, paper sculpture maker.

Number 2

Our grate was covered with black lead,
but mine remains inside my head
and body, too; throughout it's length
my wooden bones will give it strength.

Number 3

I'm drowning from the inside out,
and steam clouds billow from my spout.
When my hot spots start to bubble,
stand well clear for T means Trouble!


  1. Very clever teasing clues! I have never been good at riddles- sorry Jinksy!

  2. I will let someone else use their gray cells. Ha! Too early for me and not enough coffee...

  3. Not a clue at the moment lol good luck.

  4. too early in the morning for me...but I will check back for the answers...wanted to pop in to say HI, send a hug and a smile.

  5. You're planning to keep us awake all night again, are you, solving these pesky riddles?!! Hugz, Jinksy.

  6. Those made me go away and ponder - I shall now email you with my shots in the dark, and hope they hit a bullseye!