23 Nov 2012


Sepia Saturday featured an old photo of two little girls, so I played with this modern one of my two sweetie pie granddaughters, and aged it accordingly.Guess they should have been wearing frilly white cotton frocks, don't you think? :) But I began thinking of 'the sister I never had,' and the following lines wrote themselves!

I never had a sister,
so I guess I missed a
lot of fun.
I may have done...
but who knows?
We may have come to blows!
Although I think not.
I had a brother and we swapped
mostly laughs and jokes
and learned to poke
fun at ourselves, too.
That was a good thing to do,
for a little mirth
is worth
a mountain of tears,
in later years!


  1. Love the poem! Sisters can be great fun but is sounds like you had just as much fun with your brother. Siblings - gotta love 'em!

  2. Pretty girls. Fine poem. My brothers were off to war before I was old enough to get close to them.

  3. Love the aged photo. I have a sister and no brothers. Six of one, half a dozen of the other I expect.

  4. Grand post and love the picky too.

  5. Love the pic and the poem....I never had a sister either...what did I miss? Well I have four granddaughters who are sisters to each other and oh my..what drama!! Ha!

  6. Neither a sister nor a talent for poetry, that's my fate :-(
    Beautiful eyes!

  7. Your daughters are lovely...what a great photo for the family archives!

    1. Granddaughters, Deb! I'm a bit long in the tooth for nippers this young to be my own. :)

  8. No brothers for me, and I always wanted an older brother. In my fantasy, he was a funny jokester as well as my protector. Your granddaughters are lovely!

  9. The girls definitely have a family resemblance and the same kind of expression on their faces..

  10. Your granddaughters are so cute! And your poem was lovely too.

  11. They are just precious, and so happy too! What a wonderful poem too!

  12. A lovely photo of your charmeres Jinksy and, as always, I admire your poem. Like you I have a brother, no sisters, and I agree with your sentiments. I'm been following behind your rants about WV and doing my best to point folk in the right direction to removing it Not everyone is aware that they have it switched on. When I was stand-in-admin for SS earlier this year I became almost evangelical about it. Most people welcome being told and switch it off, some stubbornly insist that it's the only way to deal with spam. Can't win'em all. Anyway, you an come and leave comments on mine anytime as you know. You are always a welcome visitor.

  13. An excellent dose of Sepia with the two grands....love the poem too, especially the last line, something worth remembering.

  14. Lovely photo.

    You had a brother - lucky. I had neither! I will never know if I was blessed or not!

  15. For a moment there, I thought you were the one on the left! I had a brother, but he only lived for five days. I sometimes wonder what sort of person I'd be if he had lived.

  16. Adorable grand daughters and I love your poem!

  17. What a fun post! The girls are beautiful.

    Kathy M.

  18. When life gives you color, paint it sepia? Very pretty girls. Did they like the retro photo treatment?

  19. What a gorgeous photo of your granddaughters. Love the poem.

  20. This picture will one day be "sepia", of sort...