21 Oct 2012

Keep It Short

140 characters are all Grandma's Goulash asks for to encapsulate the picture she has chosen today, a good test of the grey cells. Of course, if you are feeling verbose, she will allow you to use 140 words instead.

Something fishy is going on around here! Guy's aren't conforming to the school uniform. They'll end up in hot water, if they aren't careful.


  1. I am but a lonely Gold Fish,
    Swimming around in a glass dish,
    Oh, to be free, to be free,
    To swim in a river, and the World to see.

  2. I tripped on this ! love it! thanks-

  3. Yes, watch the water temp
    where to go, where to go?
    I'm confused, I just commened on another 'Jinksy'?
    Perhaps the real thing there, no alias?

    1. Indeed, there is only one Jinksy, with several places where she hangs out; here Penny wields the pen, alias jinksy, if you see what I mean? If not, don't worry - sometimes I don't know which I am myself! LOL

      Just to confuse you further, you can find me and her on Napple Notes, as well!

  4. Give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile. Wait till they find out about Casual Fridays.

    I like the hot water danger. Good one.

  5. oh no..., that will be a great meal if you will throw in some veggies in hot water. LOL. nice take on this.

  6. Hahahahhahahahahahahha....ONLY YOU can think of the uniform!! Great take on the prompt, my dear Jinksy!! Mine is here
    Have you a truly AWESOME WEEK!!!

  7. Wonderful!
    Loved the way ..you used the phrase here.