23 Jun 2012

The Joke's On Me

This is my version
of an imaginary person.
I will call her Jinx.
The name stinks,
for it reeks of pranks -
the kind folks murmur "No thanks!"
to; folks on whom tricks,
like a ton of bricks,
fall flat.
Ones who missed out on the gene
for humour. Know what I mean?
Jinx, on the other hand,
can understand
how a quick quip
can nip
into a conversation
like a well placed decoration,
cause a smile or a giggle
without causing a wriggle
of unease.
She likes to please,
make the world a better place
by bringing a smile to its face!

Fireblossom, at IGWRT asked for a newly written poem about someone who inspires us. Hehehe! So here you are... sort of...


  1. Replies
    1. Now, why would that be? *smiles*

  2. Hehe! A tiddleyompom pome if ever I saw one!

  3. Rhyming couplets of varying lengths! A rare form thes days. Excellent

  4. Very clever and fun and you are right about people! (Grumpy!) k.

  5. My favorite lines are:
    "a quick quip
    can nip
    into a conversation
    like a well placed decoration"

    I like hearing Jinx's view of the world tho I am of the opposite persuasion, serious to the end of time when I will wish, I am sure, that I had more jinx in my life and a few less elves!

  6. And you definitely brought that smile...jinx is a sweetheart....

  7. Actually, it is supposed to be about someone FAMOUS, and it *can* be someone who inspires you, or not.

    1. Maybe the fame will come once I’m dead! Hehehe! Who knows?!!! I’m working on it…

  8. Love this game at words and fun you've played!! Thank you for the light smile!!

  9. Sweet and colorful. :) I love the description of this blog.

  10. This was fun! Loved the use of rhyme as well -- it made for kind of a rollicking feeling, which suited the idea perfectly.

  11. This made me smile...loved the rhyme which I am not good at.

  12. well, you're famous in my corner of the poetry blogosphere, Pen! i enjoyed this!!!