13 Oct 2023

Lift Off

Wisdom sits on my shoulder,
but I turn my face away,
unwilling to heed her advice.
Then thermal currents swirl
about us and I must obey -
unfold my wings and fly!

Thanks to some unknown machinations of Blogger, I have just discovered the six lines above, in a 'Draft' dated 18/8/2022, and showing a time of 00.03.
Now, I guess lapses of memory are pardonable, but was it really me who wrote them? What must I have been thinking of?  

But all that is by-the-bye. The more disturbing thing, was an email I got thanking me for 'restarting' my Alias Jinksy blog... I never intended to stop it!
But somehow, anything I may have written between years 2018  and 2021, seems to have disappeared down a big, black hole.  I shall attempt to fill it in - but have yet to decide 'How?' ! 


  1. How bizarre! Blogger does strange things sometimes.

    1. Doesn't it just? I think it's one of the reasons that so many people have deserted and moved to WordPress... When Blogger is working well, it is great for creative possibilities, so I tend to grin and bear it.