18 Jun 2018


No, I've not been absent from Blogland because I've been exploring in far away lands! But this morning, I have been exploring to see how Blogger and Google have attempted to help  (or hinder?) each other, in the matter of creating New Posts on my various blogs.
A whole heap of 'Post Setting Options' on a drop down list, have proved most entertaining...I've discovered I have a 'Pocket'... Not sure yet where exactly it lives, nor what it might hold.

Any pockets about my person,in real life, may not always stand a close scrutiny, though you can be sure one of them will contain a handkerchief - in a relatively clean state, may I add.  The phrase 'Do you have a clean hanky?' is one that all good parents have issued as one of their offspring steps out of the house - at least, it was back in the days when I was small fry.

Nowadays, paper tissues have replaced many a cotton hanky, and they don't fare as well in a pocket, especially after any garment whose pocket harbours a stray one, has been in a washing machine! I've spent many a happy hour removing little balls of disintegrated tissue from any dark clothing which had been washed with a pocketed tissue in situ..

But such pondering is not what Alias Jinksy blog was made for, thus I will include a poetic offering as well. :-)

Hot Fingers

Mister Sun creeps in here, mid afternoon.
At first, he is timid and merely peeps
around the curtain, stretching hot fingers
a little further each day, flexing them
                    Now, mid April,
beams from those fingertips reach the far wall.
As I sit here and type, I soon notice
them announcing their presence on my skin,
mapping their journey.
            Even through my clothes,
they make sure I can’t ignore them. They are
self-satisfied, once they see I must move,
for it proves their hold is growing stronger…

N.B. I've just linked this (a bit late) to Poetry Pantry


  1. Your poetic offerings ~~~ awesomeness.

  2. Hello, hello, hello, Blogpal! ♥

  3. Replies
    1. I've been wandering around 'A dash of Sunny' - it's taking me a while to get used to the 'new look' on some other pages of yours, but I shan't give up looking. lol

  4. So wonderful to see you again Jinksy! I have missed you! Hot Fingers is a 2 thumbs up!! Love it!

    1. Thumbs up yourself, for visiting and leaving a comment ♥:-)

  5. I enjoyed both sections of this post. Welcome back!