10 Feb 2015

Lady Paragon

Action Figures by Edith Vonnegut

This housework makes me far too hot
and so I shed my clothes -
That's perfectly acceptable,
as long as no one knows...

But really, couldn't you have knocked
and not come bursting in?
You nearly frightened me to death-
though nudity's no sin...

Please!  Sir!  Don't blow my cover,
just quell your urge to shout.
Don't give my nosey neighbours
any more to talk about.

My blameless reputation
is at stake here, don't you see?
A scandal would be hard to bear
for a paragon like me!

Written for Tess and her Mag 257


  1. tee hee your secret is safe with me!

  2. Greta Garbo dusting her own manor , before being scandalously interrupted by Howard Hughes !

  3. The nude paragon of virtuous housewivery. Loved it.

    Gerry@Strummed Words


  4. Should give those nosey neighbours something to gossip about! Well done.

  5. Nice rhyme! Gotta love any wife that gets naked doing chores around the house though. Is there anything sexier than that??? Honestly anything?