10 Aug 2014

Dream Time

Angel wings? Or Batman's cloak?
Which of these your muse invoke?
Will you escape the fires of hell
as Sunday's Magpie rings your bell
and sets your mind to lateral thinking
when you really have no inkling
as to where its lines may lead?
Will you write a full blown screed,
or will you do verbal gymnastics
and pen a poem? How fantastic!
I wish you joy - and come what may -
have fun with Tess this august day
of August as you scratch your head
and think 'I wish I'd stayed in bed!
This artwork is a Dream Time tale
but clever words seem set to fail
for who can catch a waking dream
when all is not quite as it seems?!'

Thanks to Tess and the image by Keith Haring at The Mag, from which I used a detail to create my accompanying effort. :-)


  1. Ah...you had fun with it too! Very well done.

    1. Once a joker, always a joker! :-) But I can't leave a comment for you on your blog, as neither Twitter nor Facebook are places I wish to go.

  2. Your very own Rorschach test ~ artistic / poetic version! Smiles this morning!

  3. Your words are flowing...' all is not quite as it seems'

  4. This image is quite dreamlike-alternately nightmarish and heavenly.

  5. so cute Jinksy... i certainly had fun with Tess' prompt at Magpie this time... indeed it was tough to weave this dream in words... what a lovely take!!

  6. I like how you took one of the many elements of this image! Cheers!

  7. loved it...i'm scratching my head on this one

  8. A skillfully written and basically sound comment...

  9. I like the feel of Dr. Seuss springing between your lines, as well as many magpie posts today!

  10. This was delicious. It sounds like Dr. Seuss and The Joker are dancing between the lines. Such fun!

  11. Well done Jinksy ...I'm still exercising the 'verbal gymnastics' here!

  12. Quite an entertaining, light-hearted piece. I loved the last two lines, especially,

    "for who can catch a waking dream
    when all is not quite as it seems?!"

  13. This august day of August- love it! I always enjoy your verbal gymnastics and this one really lifts the spirits.

  14. Ah Jinksy it is that borderland between waking and dreaming you have so eloquently trodden., and you are well on the way to reenchanting the world !

  15. for who can catch a waking dream
    when all is not quite as it seems?!

    Exactly Jinsky, who does? Good question! But better still your write zeroes in directly to the prompt and to Tess and the Mag. That is such a delightful way of doing it. Great treatment!


  16. haha - That was entertaining..I think no one can catch a waking dream..when all it not quite as it seems..great lines..

  17. Read it a few times now, Pen, and love, love, love it.
    I had to wait until I had some Angel's Delight before the answer came to me.
    It was certainly a thought provoking prompt this week and you came out of the starting blocks very quickly on this one . . . . x

  18. A very thought provoking prompt... clever and fun to read.

  19. I like what you did to the image! A very clever poem it is clever with a laff. <3

  20. Whimsical write. Nice Mag! Love and Light, S