17 Feb 2013

The Artist Jacek Yerka...

With an introduction in his own words here!

Today's Magpie sparked my curiosity, not my muse, and if you follow the link above you will maybe gain further insight into what kind of a mind produced the Wind of History which Tess featured today.

Perhaps later my muse might be stirred to action - perhaps not. Time will tell...

And after a couple of hours, either my brain or my muse has kicked in. The words that follow are entirely as a result of the 'feel' of  the painting "Wind of History", and nothing at all to do with the artist even though I looked at information about him! So, here's my offering, such as it is:-

The Malcontent

No ordinary dreamer have I been,
for kaleidoscopic thoughts drove me on
to follow my own paths. No formal gates
opened to lead me to a welcome light;
my tracks journeyed back and forth, back and forth.

So I travelled on, failed to rest content.
Now, like an abandoned car I must stop -
I have lost all power to move forward.
Clouds fog the horizon, but a beacon
shines through the mist, calling to me "Come, come!"

And finally, a rethink of the image, specially for SueAnn Lommler!


  1. Muse, Muse
    Gone away
    Come again
    Another day

  2. Thanks for this info on him, Jinksy.

  3. Thanks for info. The image is haunting and I love reading about the artist behind the work. I'm sure something will come to you!

  4. I like that the poem ends with hope and a welcoming light ahead. Glad you found your muse for this prompt.

  5. thanks for finding that info on the artist- quite a different character- and I enjoyed your poem with the welcoming light.

  6. I was wondering if anyone would pick up on all the tracks - back and forth, back and forth, like some restless wanderer, either that or someone to lazy to put down Tarmac - LOL

  7. "Failed to rest content'" Very nice- and true!

  8. kaleidoscopic thoughts....quiet applause

  9. Oh nice....loved your take on this painting!! Wonderful! I do miss your picture take though!

  10. Failed to rest, content. True artists never do! Nicely done, Jinksy.

  11. Really interesting stuff. And I love what you did with the art!


  12. Great job, Jinksy...I saw your muse led you well.

  13. I bet you will follow through..there's no stopping talent!!

  14. Call is muse- or rather, when that you think is not enough, it's funny how terribly wonderful it really is! Great gads- the intro - perfect, and your writing- stunningly honest, and best yet is your remake of his painting- which brings so much more life into it! BRAVO!

  15. Loved the gypsy feel to this, not content to grow roots in one place for too long. One should always follow the paths that they are called to!

  16. A well-fed read. I had a completely different vision as how Yerka may look! I do like your version of the painting - I'd probably hang them side by side.....☺