25 Sept 2012

Sauce For The Goose

What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander...
The twirl in Salle's picture made me start to wonder.
I twirled it yet more, then cropped to reveal
a negative whirlpool which had more appeal,
at least, to my eyes...And now it is changed
I find it more pleasing with things rearranged.
I prefer these cool blues, with their watery theme,
to his brick red assemblage on which I'm less keen.
But one lesson I've learned, as I've slowly grown older,
that beauty resides in the eye of Beholder!

Another offering for Mag 136, inspired by Tess and David Salle.


  1. Your last line is definitely true!

  2. I like this method you use on paintings- the young man I help with art, has a machine that twirls images too! I prefer blues to orange, overall. Thanks!

  3. You certainly made this into something worth reading.

  4. ... and aren't we blessed that beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder!!!

  5. Just as fine as wine ages right! What an interesting read! Thanks... !

  6. A negative whirlpool? I like it - possibly because I've gone negative/positive myself. Great minds, eh?