22 Feb 2012

Question And Answer

At IGWRT today, Kenia challenges us to hold some kind of conversation with another poem or poet. I discovered a question being asked HERE, and decided to write some kind of reply, which I've also linked to d'Verse Poets.


I hear the Winter sadness in your song,
a dying melody that leaves no trace
of hope beyond its tucked and folded rhymes.

Your doors and windows of the mind have closed
and cast their sorrow's shade. You seek to light
the spark of faith, belief that Spring will come...

But though you feel you need to journey on,
direct your steps towards an unknown goal,
perhaps the surest route lies deep within
the very fibre of your being, where shines your soul...


  1. Excellent participation, Jinksy! I must say BKM's poem expresses a feeling I have too, reason why it was so important to come and read your advice. It must be really time to take the road not taken.

    Thanks participating in the challenge. :)


    1. Thanks for setting the challenge.
      I’ve come to the realisation that the hardest, but most rewarding journey we can take in life, it that mysterious one to the centre core of our being, for with that, I believe comes understanding of much that lies around us in the outside world.

  2. Beautiful. I think some of us as longing for the spring. we still have sub zero temps here and are in the middle of winter yet. I hope Bkm's arrives soon.

  3. It is beautiful and truthful, too.

  4. definite truth in that last stanza...and i think many of us are hoping for spring...or a metaphorical spring...

    been a while since i saw you at dversepoets so thanks for stopping back in, smiles.

  5. Jinksy- How very special that BKM's poem moved you to write this... I LOVE the last stanza! = )

  6. Beautiful response...I too love the last verse ~

  7. This is a wonderfully uplifting response to BKM's "Where to.." piece, and a great response to Kenia's challenge. Thank you for leading the way.

  8. Thanks, Jinksy. I almost never read anyone else's submission before posting my own, but I am unwell (terrible sore throat, can't talk, and my husband is sorry he's away and missing the silence) so I needed some help to understand the challenge. You've done it so well. Thanks again. I really needed the help.

  9. I love this response...I was going to pick a favorite line, but it is all beautiful. I must get busy with my own.

  10. A well written tribute to a kindred spirit is what it sounds like to me. I loved it.

  11. Tucked and folded rhymes...beautiful words.


    Mark Butkus

  12. Love, love, love...you've inspired me to keep trying with this prompt!

  13. Your final stanza is so beautifully depthful, warm, and caring! I hope BKM sees this poem.

  14. There's a lot of winter sadness around at the moment. it seems...

  15. Jinksy, I do not have an affinity for poetry, but yours is very nice. Is this poem about someone someone changing their mind about a love and leaving? I have felt the winter come in several relationships,knew it was over and that there had to be something better than this in the future.