8 Dec 2011

Flash Fiction?

Theme Thursday gave us an interesting graphic today, and I decided 160 characters would wrap it up nicely!

A forest fire hides him in wreaths of smoke. Flames leap ever higher and devour trees like a hungry dragon, as this modern day St George battles for supremacy.


  1. simply enjoyed the imagery your words paint here.
    fantastic take on EVENT!

  2. Always the dragon who needs slaying!

  3. That's so interesting. I wish I could be this concise with words. I always find that difficult to do.


  4. nice...my grandfather was a fireman so i smelled those flames on him often...

  5. Short and succinct. Even without the picture, I see flames...


  6. Why the question mark after flash fiction? :-)) It would be great inspiration for some artwork as well - I wish I could paint, with the flames containing the image of a dragon...

  7. Wow! I loved this image and the words you used to paint it! Awesome

  8. I like how you changed the colors of the image to go with your short story. I am so glad you saw him too, I was thinking I was the only one who was seeing him. When I made the picture I had no idea that there was an image in there. Fighting fires is probably one of the scariest things to do because your life is dependent upon so many variables and it is like you can see the battle in the picture.

    Thanks ever so much for playing in this weeks Theme Thursday, your event is smokin hot.

    God bless.