24 Aug 2010

The First Of Many - I Hope!

I decided I needed a place to call home for my poems to brave the world alone, with only the minimum of extraneous matter. To start the ball rolling, what better than this one, which appeared on a blog yesterday where I am one of a team. It is now destined to go it alone, as my introductory, trial run post. And we all know what a nightmare they can be, if we're not careful...


snooker balls
cluster tightly
in a triangle.
Like ripe, juicy cherries
sitting plump on green baize ground
they wait for the game to commence.
Cannoning cue ball brakes formation;
one red sphere rolls to meet its destiny.

And as a two for one, special opening offer, here is a rhymed, double etheree to make you start to think of doing one yourself.

The Answer Is No
rhyme’s calling,
begging my brain
to start work again
on yet another set
of rhyming couplets. So let
battle commence! Get brain in gear
choose words to make the enemy fear
the lash of tongue or mental cut and thrust
designed to conquer, though that be unjust
in what should be a friendly skirmish.
May each foray end as I wish
in compatible joining
of like with like, bringing
harmony to all.
forget the call
to arms. Smile!


  1. Remind me not to ask questions...

  2. Dear Pen,
    wonderful! Love it! I'll press the follower-button instantly!

  3. wonderful! that first poem, i tried to read it out loud - and with my german accent it is a tonguebreaker…had a good laugh about myself…smiles

  4. Hey friehd, Love your new blog, you have a way with words.

  5. as far as I am concerned you are on to a good thing here, have fun and i will be along often. (btw, can you send me tessa's snail mail address please...jossross@yahoo.com)

  6. Thank you for the poetry. Blow little seeds into the summer wind! Lovely blog.

  7. This was a special opening Bonanza...
    :D Loved it...

    Keep weaving those wonderful words your way...

  8. boom shakalakka lakka boom shakka lakka lakka......

    I's down wit dis my sista !!!!!


  9. Intriguing form. Better than a fibonacci, where the lines get too long. I'm off to try one.

  10. Wonderful to have you in the blogging world! This poem is terrific..not a form I know, so I will definitley have to give it a try...

    So glad you stopped by my place and left a lovely message, so that I might find your page. I'll be back soon...:)